Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tamil Actress Saritha rolling in bed

Tamil actress Saritha has acted in a lot of south indian movies and is famous for her acting. However, she also has acted in cheap scenes and very sexy vulgar characters. She has acted as a whore in K.Balachander directed Tappu thalangal in which there is a scene where two gundas will come to beat up her husband. Then Saritha will ask, how much the villain has paid you to do this? They will reply 100 rupees. then she will kiss both the goondas in the lips one by one. In the same movie, there is a scene where Kamal will hire Saritha, Rajini's wife as a prostitute. While he is about to have sex with her, Saritha will think of Rajini. Like this, Saritha has acted in controversial roles.

In another movie with Sarat Babu, she will be the sister of Saratbabu's wife. But she will flirt with Saratbabu and in one rainy evening, she will seduce saratbabu and she will roll with him in bed. Her erotic expressions in that hot bedroom scene in tamil movie is unforgettable. 

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