Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Homely Soundarya hot erotic scenes

Though late tamil and telugu actress Soundarya was very good at acting and she has played some very good character roles, It must be admitted that Soundarya oozed high level of sex appeal even when she was in sari. It must be said that Soundarya was the telugu actress with the best ass next to Ramya Krishnan. Telugu Directors made maximum use of her back assets in scenes. There always used to be scenes in movie where the camera focusses on Soundarya ass.

Soundarya - The actress with the best ass?

It was rimoured in those days that bot Ramya Krishna and Soundarya ass size was around 38, the plumpest asses in tollywood. In the film brothers, both these heroines have acted and Nagarjuna has enjoyed them well in the movie.In that movie there were ass spanking scenes where both heroines Ramya Krishna ass and Soundarya ass are spanked as Nagarjuna has this weakness for bulgy plump ass and whenever he sees one , he immediately does an ass grab and puts his his hand on the actress buttocks and presses them nicely and spanks the plump ass. Both Ramya Krishna and Soundarya jhave plump asses and it was rumoured that the casting had been done keeping the weakness of the hero in mind and hence actress with the plumpest asses in those days were taken. Though Vijayshanti, Nagma and Roja were the glamour dolls and they were willing to strip and show glamour in bikini, still they went about casting Ramya Krishna and Soundarya as these two actress had the best ass.

Towards the fag end of her career SOundarya began to act in intimate scenes with heroes. She started acting in scenes where her boobs are kissed or heroes brushes his face against her boobs. This was peak Soundarya glamour as she had been a homely heroine till then. In this photo below, you can see how soundarya allows the hero to plunge his face into her bosom as she gives an erotic expression .

Soundarya was one actress who did not show much cleavage though she had good boobs. However, when it comes to seducing viewers with her shaking ass, she has never hesitated as she knew that her buxom buttocks had sent telugu and tamil fans sexy during her haytime. And when she wears sari and tugs it around her hips, masala fans can be rest assured that they are going to have good treat of plump Soundarya ass. 

Though Soundarya does not normally act intimately with heroes, she had some favorites . In telugu it was Nagarjuna and in Tamil it was Karthik. Bith these heroes have touched Soundarya quite intimately. 

Moreover Soundarya had one more habit. A very sensuous habot, Whenever hero touches her private part like ass or navel or boobs. she will open her mouth in O shape. Definitely readers will know that when women keep their mouth in O shape they are sexually aroused and hence their mouth goes to the default sucking position that is O shape. Like this, though Soundarya hs not openly exposed her body much, she used to titillate the viewers with her indecent mannerisms which are quite erotic. 

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